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A small Blue Sea-drake lies on a rock, guarding his treasure of pearls, crystals and seashells. Polymer clay, natural materials. About
 2 1/2" wide.
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Momma and Baby Hedgehog. Inspired by Mr. Prickles and other little hedgehogs who have delighted people at the Cayuga Nature Center, Ithaca, NY. 
My First Pearl! Little clam is proud of his accomplishment. Nature shells, rocks, polymer clay, beads. About 3" wide.
HomeShopFigurinesJewelry and Hair AccessoriesWoodworkMetalworkStoneworkShows and Events

The Dean's Enforcer. Ugly, isn't he? Never hurts to look like this when you're an enforcer! This was a special piece, designed for a particular person. I'd be happy to design a special piece for your particular person...and yours doesn't have to be ugly!